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Eighty percent of health and wellbeing is derived from the circumstances people are born into, grow up with, live and work in. These simple principles must drive a new system-based approach to health innovation. Communities must seek a better balance between illness and prevention.

Ethos Partnership and Innovate UK KTN are now partnering to help to tackle these challenges. We want to complement existing health system working by bringing a new range of innovation capabilities.

We want to connect local communities with innovators and researchers from beyond the traditional health sector. We will achieve this through our extensive links across industry sectors and comprehensive knowledge base. We want to introduce new ideas, technologies and business models from a wider range of industries.

Early engagement with people is a key factor in developing the 'art of the possible' solutions of the future. So too is the introduction of implementation and change knowhow. Convening the right partners at the right time and place is essential.

The benefits of system level innovation approach in health and wellbeing improvement will only accrue over time. It won’t be a short journey, but we believe joint working can transform innovation in health systems.

We are currently developing Proof of Concept demonstrators with forward looking health systems. If you are interested, we would like to hear from you.

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Ethos Partnership

Connecting ideas, people and communities to drive innovation in health and wellbeing 

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