About us

Traditional innovation no longer works! The conditions we are born into, grow up, live and work account for 80% of all health outcomes. However, cultural barriers often prevent advances on the ground in wider health and wellbeing.

Ethos Partnership and Innovate UK KTN have joined forces to address this challenge. We connect health systems with innovators, researchers and thought leaders from outside the traditional health sector. Early connection in proving key.

All knowledge transfer is considered including consumer focussed services, preventative business practices, data driven solution and 'pooled' financial model. Implementation and change know-how are also on the agenda. 

We complement the work of existing innovation communities with this wider health system focus.  Currently, we are working with selected health systems with an art of the possible focus. We want to test out this new approach. If you want to join us on our journey, come join us. 


Ethos Partnership

Connecting ideas, people and communities to drive innovation in health and wellbeing